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17 July 2019, 00:00

It was the first time that SMP Islam Al-Azhar 9 had an English Camp at Pentingsari Jogjakarta. Pentingsari is a quiet, clean and cozzy village designed by the surrounding community as a place for various interesting activities.

English camp is one of the best annual programs of SMPIA 9. It's for the eight graders. It was held for 5 days, from 4th until 9th April 2019. 154 students took part ini this program and 8 teachers accompanied and fascilitated them during this program. The students were expected to have fun in learning English so they were given interesting activities such as many kinds of games, energizer, ice breaking, practice English with native speaker and exercise from the beginning to the end. They also get character development material, such as living independently, solving problems, discipline and socializing with local residents.

They spent their time effectively. They practiced their English and did interesting activities happily. They always came on time to a venue of those activities. All the teachers and mentors so proud of them. They are really good students and keep discipline all the time.

At the end of the activities, they performed at Pendopo Desa with their group. They were very enthusiastic waiting for their turn performance. Actually, learning not only can be done in the class. This is also learning, when the students successfully performed ini front of audience especially their friends, teachers, mentors and native speaker to show their English ability.
They were so happy to spent their time in the last night at Pentingsari.
Hopefully this program can be held again in the future because the students get many advantages from it. @Deh